Friday, September 24, 2010

Someone Somewhere

If nothing else, the one thing that has been a constant in my life for the last 1 month is travel. While I would have flown in 1 month, what an air-hostess does in 6, I have been sensitive enough to not ask for a salary (from the airline people) to fly this often.

You know, this world... when you look at it from 39,000 feet above the ground, looks the same - I mean the clouds, the stars, the ground, the buildings - everything. And both species who apparently own all of this are the only ones who are not visible - us humans and god!

So anyway, on my way back from Jaipur to Bangalore yesterday - as always, I was sitting on my window seat - contemplating about life (and i feel like I am 50 when I do this - and considering I have been doing this for a while now, I have been 50 for at least a decade!), when a thought came to my head. What are the things that could possibly be happening at this moment as I cover my distance to get closer home. What unraveled was the following, and hence the name - 'Someone Somewhere'...

Someone somewhere's playing a song...
Someone somewhere's pulling along

Someone somewhere's just woken up
Someone somewhere's AGAIN woken up, says he - 'I have woken up, I have woken up'

Someone somewhere's looking into the open sky
Someone somewhere just looked at god (again) and questioned him 'Why'

Someone somewhere passed a friendly 'hi'
A lover looked at his own somewhere and said there will never be a 'forever' goodbye

Someone somewhere's feasting on a meal
Someone somewhere's trying hard to heal

Someone somewhere's trying to hide
Hey look at this other, his heart is beaming & swollen with pride

This other I met, just got hired
Someone somewhere oops! just got fired

The guy next door just got in
The girl close by - looked at him and gosh had that 'lovey dovey' grin

Someone somewhere's making love all night
And look at these other 2 lovers - would they never unlearn to fight?

Someone somewhere's just given birth to a life
Someone somewhere's just completed the circle of life

Someone somewhere just learn to walk
Look at my baby, she said (the other) - he just learnt to talk

Someone somewhere just got the fuzziest hug
Damn! a poor guy in NY - he just got mugged!

2 lovers just met after years of staying away
Someone somewhere just said to their lover - stay, please stay...

A priest in church just started a mass
Someone somewhere defined god in class

A couple somewhere just got wed
Ah! Look at those faces - they look so red

Someone somewhere just won a fight
Someone somewhere again failed to have the insight

Someone somewhere uttered a lie
Said in the same breath - 'i promise to love you till i die'

Someone somewhere just got hurt
Asked himself - did that have to be so curt

Someone somewhere's seeking god
Not by seeking him within, but by reading holy scriptures and chanting out aloud - 'Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord'

Someone somewhere is crying tears of joy
Someone somewhere's only seeking joy

Someone somewhere faked a smile
Someone somewhere just won a smile

Someone somewhere is falling in love
Someone somewhere's seeking love

Someone somewhere is running late
Someone somewhere's got all the time - hence he only meditates

Someone somewhere's walking all alone
Someone somewhere's trying to get out of the 'bloody' heavy traffic zone

Its morning somewhere's and the sun is shining bright
Someone somewhere's just kissed 'em all good night

Someone somewhere's playing along
A lot of the others, well they are just holding on...

Someone somewhere's looking at the stars
Trying to talk to the healing scars

And on a lighter note...

Someone somewhere will read my blog
and say in admiration - 'Wow, Oh my god! oh my god!'


Rashmi said...

Wow, oh my God! Oh my God! :)))

Great words, Sri. :) Plane rides generally induce such thoughts... being "on top of the world" makes me realize just how small everything is, and our own lives - which seem so huge down there - are actually just a small dot on the map. The people we encounter on a daily basis are all going through unique experiences... there is always a "someone, somewhere" situation going on... but it's hard to notice that when we're consumed in our own lives.

Again, great words. Thought-provoking. I enjoyed reading it. :)


Rev said...

Wow, you are getting wiser with age.

Really impressive and so deep. Makes you re-think the meaning of life. Thanks for writing again. Hope you never stop.

Big hug

DelennDax7 said...

Ah, such profound thoughts & feelings rumbling around in that soul of yours. Words ring so true & I sense an underlying sadness. Keep writing, helps the emotions so much!

smita said...

i read it all aloud
n said oh my god oh my god:)

loved it:)

iamriz said...

loved ur blog...its simply deep n words 2 define ....jus luvd each n every word u wrote,so meaninful..

Sam (Samrita Kapoor) said...

stumbled across your should write more often- the poem is inspiring...brings meaning to the way I see life. :)
Hope to read more from you soon

Stellaria Media said...

Lovely! Although--- People get mugged less in New York than other places, so I didn't think that was fair.

ashwini said...

u sure u aint 50 ??? just kidding ... this is great ... n of course *in admiration* oh my god, oh my god !!!

DecerningThoughts said...

Sigh! Someone, Somewhere... Something about a plane,train or car ride that makes you think.. Deep Thoughts!


Sweta Giri said...

Oh my god, oh my god ;)
Lovely piece.

Anonymous said...

Someone Somewhere is faithfully going to wait for the sky to be one with the universe and look at earth forever aching for eternity...

Zeba said...

Wow. WOW. Oh my GOD. *continues hyperventilating at the awesomeness of it all*

I feel the need to type something long and meaningful. Something remotely appropriate as a comment to this post. But. Sometimes it's better to leave things unsaid. I think.

Anonymous said...

*Wow! Oh my God! Oh my God!* :) nly words 2 describe how awesome this post is <3

Elango R said...

Hi Sri very poignant. airports and planes have that effect.

Gee said...

:) just visiting the past and loving this read once more :)
Someone somewhere thinks of you and hopes you're well :) would love to read something new someday soon :) take care Sri...

Sunshine said...

Someone somewhere is surely glad to have found your blog,
And all this someone somewhere wants to say right now is "Wow, oh my god, oh my god!"